Pastor Charlene’s Message December 2022

We are now entering the Advent season and our thoughts are beginning to turn to family gatherings, special dinners and exchanging gifts. This time of year is very exciting, but also very busy which can lead to extra stress and anxiety in our lives. I have also watched as my calendar begins to fill upContinue reading “Pastor Charlene’s Message December 2022”

“A Mind-Boggling Sensuous Pleasure”

This past week an article was published in the National Post with a title I couldn’t ignore. It was titles, “When Going to Church Sounds Like a Mind-Boggling Sensuous Pleasure.” I love that. It was written in response to the ongoing shutdown as a result of the corona virus outbreak. From where I sit rightContinue reading ““A Mind-Boggling Sensuous Pleasure””

A Message to You Regarding COVID-19

Beginning on Sunday, March 22 we will be worshiping using an online format with Worship Services live on Zoom and recorded for future viewing if you are unable to be with us at the time of the service. The Zoom format allows us to spend time chatting, interacting, and continuing in community with one another.Continue reading “A Message to You Regarding COVID-19”

A Vision of Life Together

“God hates visionary dreaming” Dietrich Bonhoeffer This is a stark sentence that stands in stark contrast to many of the ways we are used to talking about vision both inside and outside the church walls. We talk often about the importance of having a compelling and transforming vision for our lives and organizations. Likewise, weContinue reading “A Vision of Life Together”

Cultivating Leadership

Rob Ogilvie became the Executive Minister of CBWC in 2017, and when he first took the position, he encouraged the denomination to pray with him in a structured way in order to establish ministry priorities for the denomination for the next while. People were asked to pray in triads, consistently, and were guided in ScriptureContinue reading “Cultivating Leadership”