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Broadway-First Baptist Church encourages each individual to explore the Bible, to discover the ways in which Christian faith engages the modern world, to enjoy the supportive company of fellow seekers, and to find the ways in which the Christian gospel brings joy, purpose and peace to all of life.

About Us

We believe in…

The lordship of Jesus Christ.

The inspiration and authority of the Bible

Soul liberty


Unity and diversity in the community

The local and universal church

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  • Roast Beef Dinner
    Please plan on attending our Fall Roast Beef Dinner on Saturday, October 26 at 6 PM.
  • Cultivating Leadership
    Rob Ogilvie became the Executive Minister of CBWC in 2017, and when he first took the position, he encouraged the denomination to pray with him in a structured way in order to establish ministry priorities for the denomination for the next while. People were asked to pray in triads, consistently, and were guided in Scripture … Read more
  • The Power of Conscience
    Recently Netflix released a documentary titled, “The Great Hack”. It details the rise and fall of Cambridge Analytica, a company at the centre of a debate about how our online personal data can be used for purposes far beyond what we understand. It is a fascinating journey into the digital age, the shadowy world of … Read more