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The people of Broadway-First Baptist Church invite you to attend in person, or via Zoom broadcast, our Sunday worship service, starting at 10:30 a.m. Closed captioning for the Zoom​ live-stream will be available.​  Please see below for our location and Zoom link .
Date and Time: June 5, 2023, 10:30 a.m.

Download a printable copy of the Order of Service on the “Documents” link at the top of the page

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Meeting ID: 858 9489 3621
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Sunday in Person Worship:

Masks are the prerogative of each individual, and one that is to be respected. Everyone is welcome and invited to participate in whatever way they feel most safe.

A STATEMENT FROM Canadian Baptists of Western Canada:
God calls us to reconcile with our brothers and sisters, and neighbours, and to start this lifelong journey by asking forgiveness for what was done on our behalf and in the past by governments and churches. Through colonial expansion, treaties, racism, ignorance and government policy, the First Nations of Canada were forced off their traditional lands and onto reserves, usually located in remote locations with few economic opportunities. We can begin to break the destructive cycles that have kept Indigenous and non-Indigenous people apart.

We pray for all Residential School Survivors and intergenerational survivors as this awakens afresh layers of trauma endured for generations. 
These children were precious in the eyes of God. Their lives and the gifts that they had to offer were stolen from their communities and their families.
We lament this irreplaceable loss, acknowledging and repenting of the ways that the Christian church enacted the state mandated policies of assimilation.
We know that lament is not enough and there is a need for just action as well. We are reminded of our commitment to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which guides us as a framework for reconciliation and we call for renewed commitment to the TRC Calls to Action.
Today though, is the time to express sorrow and pledge again our solidarity with Indigenous peoples in Canada. We lament together. We stand with you. 
Rob Ogilvie
Executive Minister

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During the coming months, we will be using the Zoom format in addition to live, in-person worship in our Sanctuary on 790 Honeyman.


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CarePortal brings the needs of vulnerable children and families in our community to our attention and gives us the opportunity to make a difference!

Broadway-First Baptist Church is one of several churches in Manitoba who are involved in CarePortal.

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