Results of Secret Ballot from Annual Meeting 2019/2020

The results of the secret ballot from the Annual Meeting for 2019/2020 held on June 4 2020 are as follows: The ballots were counted on Sunday, June 14 2020, after the Zoom church service of worship. 2 Deacons were present – Jon Hunt, Bob GriffinBallots received – 33 from members All three motions have beenContinue reading “Results of Secret Ballot from Annual Meeting 2019/2020”

A Letter to Our Congregation

May 2020 To the Faithful of Broadway-First Baptist Church. We share a wonderful faith story at Broadway.  As I think about the people who I have shared and continue to share our pews with, I get to see what a lifetime following Christ looks like.  Our mission has not been built on short term commitment,Continue reading “A Letter to Our Congregation”

“A Mind-Boggling Sensuous Pleasure”

This past week an article was published in the National Post with a title I couldn’t ignore. It was titles, “When Going to Church Sounds Like a Mind-Boggling Sensuous Pleasure.” I love that. It was written in response to the ongoing shutdown as a result of the corona virus outbreak. From where I sit rightContinue reading ““A Mind-Boggling Sensuous Pleasure””

An Updated Message to You Regarding COVID-19

I am sending out this note in regards to Covid-19. Beginning on Sunday, March 22 we will be worshiping using an online format that will be available on this website. Meanwhile all other midweek gatherings will be postponed until further notice. We will continue to follow the guidelines put out by our health officials andContinue reading “An Updated Message to You Regarding COVID-19”

A Vision of Life Together

“God hates visionary dreaming” Dietrich Bonhoeffer This is a stark sentence that stands in stark contrast to many of the ways we are used to talking about vision both inside and outside the church walls. We talk often about the importance of having a compelling and transforming vision for our lives and organizations. Likewise, weContinue reading “A Vision of Life Together”