An Updated Message to You Regarding COVID-19

I am sending out this note in regards to Covid-19.

Beginning on Sunday, March 22 we will be worshiping using an online format that will be available on this website. Meanwhile all other midweek gatherings will be postponed until further notice. We will continue to follow the guidelines put out by our health officials and will do our best to communicate any further changes that impact our community as we are able.

In the meantime, please know this:

1.  Please follow the guidelines for social distancing. We love being together. We also know that being together increases the chances of transmission for those who come.  If you or one of your children are sick, or if you are part of our community that has a compromised immune system or other underlying health issues, then the loving and wise decision may be to stay home. We will continue to make our recorded services available online.  While not the same as being together in person, it is a great way to continue to stay in contact with the community.  You can find our services here:

2.  Limit physical contact. This is hard. When we are together we shake hands and hug … a lot. Love and wisdom once again would encourage us to follow the recommended hygiene guidelines us hand washing, using hand sanitizer, and limiting physical contact. So if you do come tomorrow and no one shakes your hand, it is because we love you, not because we don’t.

3.  Consider how you can continue to connect with and serve each other. We are in uncharted territory here. We don’t know what the health and practical needs in our community might look like in the coming weeks. We do, however, know what the emphasis on social isolation will feel like, which is … well… isolating. Please check in on each other. Please check in on people who you might not ordinarily check in on. If you become aware of practical needs that come up, please be willing to step into them. And if it is something that you are not able to personally step into and help, let myself and others know so that we can explore what we might be able to do.

In the meantime, I encourage you to approach this season we are in differently.  I encourage you to remember the promise that we do not need to be afraid. The best way I know to remember this is to pray as it turns off the voices around us that remind us of what we need to fear and points us to the One who, because of, we no longer need to. Please remember me and the rest of your family at BFBC as we remember you.


Joe Welty

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