Who We Are . . .

Broadway-First Baptist Church encourages each individual to explore the Bible, to discover the ways in which Christian faith engages the modern world, to enjoy the supportive company of fellow seekers, and to find the ways in which the Christian gospel brings joy, purpose and peace to all of life.

We have an open communion table. All who wish to take part in the observance of the Lord’s Supper are welcome. It is not our table; it is the Lord’s.

We have a traditional form of worship, with an active music program involving the choir, a handbell choir, a Casavant pipe organ, and a grand piano. We extend a warm welcome to all who would join us in worship.

Nursery area and toddlers’ play room are available.

Broadway-First Baptist Church is affiliated with:

We believe in …

The Lordship of Jesus Christ

We believe in individual, personal response to God’s free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.  We seek to learn and follow the person, teaching and example of our Lord who is “the Word made flesh.” (John 1:14)

The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible

We believe our relationship to God is enlivened, fed, strengthened, and grown through prayerful study of Scripture.  The Bible is our final authority in matters of faith and for how we should live.

Soul Liberty

We believe each person is free to relate directly to God, should be allowed to believe as good conscience leads them, has gifts and abilities for loving and serving God, and that religious liberty is a right for all people.


We believe baptism to be a symbolic act of obedience to Christ’s invitation to faith.  It signifies both a personal and a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  We hold it to be the appropriate means by which new believers enter into membership in the local church and commend themselves to living in the way of Christ.

Unity and Diversity in the Community

We believe the Holy Spirit guides our life as a church and as persons of faith: worship, learning, growth, and service are all enhanced when encouraged and affirmed within a ‘body of believers.’

We believe all persons to be uniquely gifted yet equal regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, education, status or financial ability.

By our monthly observing of The Lord’s Supper, we serve one another to symbolize our deep bond to Christ and his binding us together in community.

The Local and Universal Church

We believe the local church, a community of believers bound in covenant together, can and should discern the will of God for its life and mission.  Through prayer, study, corporate discussion and decision-making – always led by the Holy Spirit – the local church can and should exercise a measure of autonomy from any denominational authority.  We do recognize and affirm the greater mission and community of the church, and choose freely to be a member church and accountable to the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada and Canadian Baptist Ministries.

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