Broadway-First Baptist Church Remembers

To see World War I Memorials, click this link  WW1 Memorials To see World War II Memorials, click this link WW2 Memorial Today is November 11. Today is Remembrance Day – the day that marks the end of the First World War almost exactly 100 years ago to the hour. As you look around, you have probablyContinue reading “Broadway-First Baptist Church Remembers”


Shinrin-yoku. Have you heard this term? For the past number of months it has been popping up all over the media-world in places as familiar as the CBC and ‘The Globe and Mail’ and as diverse as ‘National Geographic’, ‘Business Insider’, and ‘Vogue’. The term is Japanese and means “forest bathing.”It became popular in JapanContinue reading “FOREST BATHING AND OTHER THINGS”