Why! Prayer Drive

The next Why! Prayer Drive  Saturday November 28th

Psalm 136:3 & 4 – “Give thanks to the Lord of lords, for His loving kindness
continues forever.  Praise Him who alone does mighty miracles, for His
loving kindness continues forever.”

Saturday, September 19 was another awesome day of prayer for Winnipeg. It
was a beautiful sunny day.  Again all the maps covering all the homes on all
the streets of Winnipeg were prayed for – by driving and virtual.

A special thank you to all who participated.  We always hear of how grateful
people are that they have joined in to pray for all Winnipeg families!

We pray expectantly anticipating great things from God.  We see some answers
here on earth.  But Heaven will reveal them all.  Thank you, Lord.

We continue to pray for all WHY books in people’s homes, that people will
refer to them and accept the salvation message.

Another Winnipeg prayer drive is scheduled for Saturday, November 28.
Please join us in prayer for our neighbourhood.  Contact the church office
or Lynne for further information. 

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